Make Sure Your House Has Effective Cooling

Make Sure Your House Has Effective Cooling

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Can you trust your air conditioner on a hot day? The best time to hire an AC installer is before your house heats up to dangerous temperatures. Whether you're working on a new construction project or replacing your old air conditioner, you can depend on Scott's Oil Inc.

We provide air conditioner replacement and installation services for all makes and models and will hook up the AC unit you want. If you're not sure which model to choose, we can recommend options that will have enough power to cool your entire home properly.

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Why you should replace your old AC unit

Just because your air conditioner seems to work doesn’t mean you don’t need an air conditioner replacement. If your unit is old, consider replacing it before it fails so you can…

  • Avoid sitting around in the heat while you wait on an HVAC technician
  • Reduce the chance that you’ll need additional repairs down the road
  • Lower your cooling bill with a new and efficient air conditioning unit

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